Advantages of Buying a Powerball Double Play

If you’re planning to buy a ticket for the next big lottery draw, you might want to consider purchasing a Powerball Double Play. In some states, this additional lottery play can be purchased as an add-on to a regular Powerball ticket. Here are some advantages of buying this additional lottery play:

It gives you an extra chance of winning, as you get to enter another drawing after you’ve won the main game. If you match five Powerball numbers, you can win a second $10 million top prize. The Double Play drawing is held after the main Powerball draw every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. You must claim your prize within 180 days of the drawing in which you won. There are several benefits of buying the Powerball Double Play.

This lottery also has a double jackpot! You can win up to $2 million with just a single play. If you’re lucky enough to match all five white balls, you’ll get a share of the jackpot. If you match only four of the white balls, you’ll get just $1 million. So, when you’re playing the Powerball game, you can buy double tickets to double your chances of winning. You can also win up to 10X on your non-jackpot prize!

The payouts for Double Play are the same as those of Powerball, and are worth more than the equivalent prize for one Powerball. A single Powerball on its own is worth $4, but in Double Play, you can win up to $7 million. The jackpot in Double Play is fixed at $10 million, so if no one wins, the double prize will be split among multiple winners. Therefore, you have nine times the chances of winning the jackpot!


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